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credit for banner:

I've sort of been doing the "Friends Only" thing for awhile now anyway, but I figured a banner would make it both official and pretty.  :)

Also, unless you're some sort of known serial killer or baby rapist, I will add you. The Friends Only thing is mostly just to keep my RL people seperate from the fandom babble.

So comment away if you're so inclined!

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Me me me... :o) I'm trying to read my locked post-only flist (which you're on hehe) so keep me puhleese. :o)

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Of course you're staying! It was never even a question. :)

I only hope I don't bore you too much. *laughs*

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LOL I often think that aout my own posts. :o)
We can be boring together!

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sounds like a plan!


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Hi there,

I hope it's okay to leave you this message ... I'm writing because I noticed that you are watching the [ profile] spnfic_podcast community. I've recently started a podfic community myself called [ profile] spn_gen_podfics. Anyone is welcome to post Supernatural gen podfics or links pointing to them.

Please consider this an invitation to join the community. Hope to see you around!

Xina (twasadark)