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2020-08-23 01:11 am

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credit for banner:

I've sort of been doing the "Friends Only" thing for awhile now anyway, but I figured a banner would make it both official and pretty.  :)

Also, unless you're some sort of known serial killer or baby rapist, I will add you. The Friends Only thing is mostly just to keep my RL people seperate from the fandom babble.

So comment away if you're so inclined!
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2006-08-21 07:03 pm

Super Small Friends Cut

Hey guys, just wanted to update real quick and let y'all know that I did a really small friends cut. Mostly just old journals, or old fandoms that I'm not really a part of anymore.

Anyway, if you were cut and want to stay on, please let me know, it was probably a mistake on my part anyway.    :)